Stone Sentinels, battlefield monuments of the American Civil War

The Army of Northern Virginia at Antietam

(marker 301)  (marker 302)  (marker 351)

General Robert E. Lee (monument)

Longstreet's Command

(marker 303) (marker 304)

Major General James Longstreet


Anderson's Division
(marker 344) (marker 386)

Major General Richard H. Anderson (w)
Brigadier General Roger Pryor


Hood's Division
(marker 309) (marker 310) (marker 327)

Brigadier General John B. Hood


Jones' Division
(marker 321) (marker 322) (marker 368) (marker 369)

Brigadier General David R. Jones


McLaws' Division (marker 367)

Major General Lafayette McLaws


Walker's Division (marker 360) (marker 374)

Brigadier General John G. Walker


Evan's Independent Brigade

Brigadier General Nathan G. Evans





Jackson's Command

(marker 314) (marker 315)

Major General Thomas J. Jackson


Ewell's Division (marker 326)

Brigadier General A. R. Lawton (w)
Brigadier General Jubal Early


A.P. Hill's Light Division (marker 348)

Major General Ambrose P. Hill


D.H. Hill's Division
(marker 332)
(marker 333) (marker 384) (marker 385)

Major General Daniel H. Hlll


Jackson's Division (marker 381) (marker 382)

Brigadier General John R. Jones (w)

Brigadier General W.E. Starke (k) (monument)
Colonel Arnold J. Grigsby


Cavalry (marker 317)

Major General James E. B. Stuart


Reserve Artillery (marker 305) (marker 306)

(marker 307) (marker 308) (marker 355)

Brigadier General William N. Pendleton


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