Stone Sentinels, battlefield monuments of the American Civil War

21st Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment

The monument to the 21st Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment at Antietam is on the east side of Antietam Creek at Burnside Bridge. It was dedicated on September 17, 1898. (39.450782° N, 77.731583° W; see map)


The 21st Massachusetts was commanded at the battle of Antietam by Colonel William S. Clark.


For many years the monument, along with those of the 51st Pennsylvania and the 35th Massachusetts, were mounted on the end parapets of the Burnside Bridge. In the early 1960s auto trafic was moved to a new bridge upstream, the Burnside Bridge was restored, and the monuments were moved to their current location on the east bank.



From the monument:


21st Mass. Vol. Inf'y
2nd Brig. 2nd Div.

9th A.C.

The following Comrades were killed near this bridge:

2nd Lieut.

Henry C. Holbrook

Co. D  Priv.

Wm. B. Boynton

  "     "     "

Amos S. Eastman

Co. E  Corp.

Henry K. Buss

  "    "   Priv.

Geo. T. Bigelow

Co. G  Corp.

Jas. S. Stratton

  "    "   Priv.

Daniel Daley

  "     I  Priv.

Chas. Leonard

Co. K 1st Sergt.

Geo. W. Davis

  "    "   Priv.

Chas. S. Brigham

and 35 other wounded

Erected by

21st Regt. Mass. Vol.



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