Stone Sentinels, battlefield monuments of the American Civil War

4th New York Infantry Regiment

The monument to the Fourth New York Infantry Regiment at Antietam is in the National Cemetery. It was dedicated in 1887. (39.45998° N , 77.7415° W; see map)


The 4th New York was commanded at Antietam by Lieutenant Colonel John D. McGregor. Athough the monument is in the National Cemetery, the regiment fought at the Sunken Road.



From the monument:


4th New York Volunteers
First Scott Life Guard
3rd Brigade, 3rd Division,
2nd Corps

Mustered in Service May 4, 1861. Participated with the
Army of the Potomac in the Battles of South Mountain,
Antietam, Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville.


Killed at Antietam, Sept. 17, 1862

Co. A Color Sergt. A. Biering
Co. A Private John Byrnes
Co. A Private J. Corcoran
Co. A. Private W. McManus
Co. B. 1st Sergt. H. Pickham
Co. B. Capt. John S. Downs
Co. B. Private J. McDonald
Co. B. Private W.L. Norris
Co. B. Private John Burns
Co. C. Capt. H.K. Chapman
Co. C. Corporal H. Wolfe
Co. C. Private James Price
Co. D. Private Philip Diehl
Co. D. Private G. Frederick
Co. D. Private F.H. Hausman
Co. D. Private F. Wilbert
Co. E. Private Thomas Hickey
Co. E. Private W. McKnight
Co. F Private F. Hermann
Co. F. Private Saml. Fites
Co. G. Sergt. V.B. Carpenter
Co. G. Corp. R. Aginton
Co. G. Private Chas. Wolf
Co. G. Private M. Hines
Co. G. Private J. Stewart
Co. I Corporal E.J. Flagg
Co. I Private J. Blumenshein
Co. I Private Jas. Hunt
Co. I Private P. Riley
Co. I. Private Phil Rudden
Co. I. Private B. Gordon
Co. K. Sergt. S.T. Willetts
Co. K. Corp. Joshua Smith
Co. K. Private John Hughes
Co. K. J.H. Sharrock



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4th New York Infantry monument at antietam
(above) Monument to the Fourth New York INfantry Regiment at Antietam
see enlargement of square or round bronze tablets
thumbnail of monument detail
thumbnail of monument detail

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